Remote Patient Monitoring Toolkit


Personalized Care at Home


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables people to share their health data with physicians conveniently beyond the walls of the practice. This empowers patients to play greater roles in managing their health and improving clinical outcomes. The RPM toolkit will help patients and providers understand the benefits of home health monitoring and how these devices can revolutionize the treatment of chronic conditions.

The toolkit features:

  • WHITE PAPER: Expand Patient Care with RPM
    Learn how to leverage this technology to enhance clinical outcomes and practice operations. Find out how your practice can launch a successful RPM program in six steps.  

  • PATIENT VIDEO: Manage Your Health with Remote Patient Monitoring [2 min]
    Share this easy guide with patients to help them become familiar with RPM and how these devices can become powerful tools in their care.

  • PATIENT BROCHURE: Get Personalized Care at Home
    Easily let your patients know about the importance and benefits of RPM with this brochure, which includes FAQs.

  • PRACTICE DEMO VIDEO: NextGen® Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by Validic Impact [4 min]
    Get a quick overview of the solution’s main features.

  • FAQs: NextGen Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by Validic Impact
    This brochure gives you details of how integrated remote patient monitoring can enhance practice efficiency. Get answers to specific queries regarding use cases, reimbursements, billing, outcomes, and much more.

  • RPM CHECKLIST: Set Up Your Practice for Success 
    Learn what’s necessary to effectively set goals, determine use cases, define the patient population, and create a device strategy.

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