A Unified View:
Caring for the Whole Patient

Improve outcomes, reduce costs, achieve a higher standard of care

Addressing the physical, behavioral, and social needs of patients in a unified setting is critical for surviving and thriving in 2021 and beyond. When the mind and body are treated as one, at the point of care, patient outcomes improve, costs are reduced, and health care achieves a higher standard.

NextGen Healthcare helps physical and behavioral health organizations care for the whole person with one integrated solution.

Learning more about how an integrated suite of behavioral health and physical health solutions make it easy for practices to grow their service offerings and be more relevant and impactful with their patient population.

This E-book will look at:

  • Why integrated care is more important than ever before
  • Why it is challenging for most providers to integrate behavioral and physical health care
  • How to improve visibility into a patient’s entire care continuum
  • How integrating care improves clinical and financial outcomes

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