One and Done: Health IT That Does It All

Better ophthalmic care begins with an integrated platform

The eye care marketplace is increasingly competitive. Ophthalmic care is delivered in a world of escalating costs and declining reimbursements. Managing insurance claims continues to become more complex. The cost of employing staff continues to increase. So does the cost of advanced testing, treatment equipment, and other technology. All of this places pressure on ophthalmic practice administrators to be more efficient.

For all these reasons and more, an integrated health IT platform is now crucial to the practice of eye care—and your job satisfaction and career growth.

In this E-book, you'll learn:

  • Why eye care demands a higher level of platform integration
  • Risks of using multiple health IT vendors and systems
  • How to run a more cohesive ophthalmic practice with a single, unified database
  • Tools to help you build the financial strength of your organization
  • How to engage patients, reduce no-shows, and improve collections

"With a scalable, integrated solution that supports eye care practices of any size, we have a real opportunity to empower ophthalmologists and optometrists to stay independent and enable them to engage with patients more effectively."

David Sides
President and Chief Executive Officer
NextGen Healthcare

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