How do Orthopedic Groups Compete
with Hospitals or Health Systems?


In a climate of consolidation, orthopedic practices need effective strategies to remain independent. With the rise in private equity, orthopedic groups look to change corporate structure. 

Learn what NextGen Healthcare experts have to say about the trends in the orthopedic market, how organizational structures have shifted, and the questions you should consider before making a change.

What you'll learn

  • An overview of the current trends affecting the orthopedic market 
  • Insights on the pros and cons of different corporate structures
  • Lessons learned and a roadmap for how to approach a change of business structure 
  • Key questions you should ask when considering any organizational change technology 
host picture
Stephanie Hales
Director of Client Management, Orthopedics NextGen Healthcare
With over a decade of experience managing orthopedics and physical medicine clinics and nearly 30 years in healthcare administration, Stephanie has a unique insight into the challenges orthopedics practices face in the current landscape of medicine. 
host picture
Molly Van Oordt
Specialty Director, Musculoskeletal NextGen Healthcare 
Molly has more than 12 years of clinical and technical experience specializing in the musculoskeletal specialties. Her knowledge, experience, and attention to detail in clinical solutions, coupled with her technical knowledge, bring a unique approach to clients and their specific concerns. 

Who should attend?

Practice Owners, CEOs, Orthopedic Surgeons/Physicians, IT Professionals, Clinical Directors/Managers, Billing Managers

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