Maximize Your Value-Based
Care Bottom Line

Understand a model fundamental to healthcare today

Value-based care models offer incentives to improve the patient care experience and the health of populations, as well as reduce per capita cost. This E-book discusses principles of value-based care and how practices, both large and small, can support value-based healthcare delivery. It also provides information on the tools necessary to achieve these goals.

Meet the demand to manage care effectively

Learn how to direct scarce resources to patients who need them the most, reduce costs, and improve the overall health of your population. Topics covered in this E-book include:

•    Quality measures and the challenge of meeting them
•    Different types of value-based care models
•    Social determinants of health
•    Tools for success under value-based care
•    Case studies—population health management in action

"It is imperative that we, as a healthcare industry, get it right for our patients. NextGen Population Health is an important EHR-neutral enabler of this mission.”

—Tom Boggs, President of Bridges Health Partners

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